Some bands to see live in The North

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Its a big area to cover when you use the “Southern Softy” saying of anything north of Watford, personally I’m counting anything from The Midlands up and I’m going to kick it off with an awesome band from Corby that have trekked down to The Cave a few times, and never failed to put on a good show!!

Fueled Hate always come across as loving what they do and are always keen to jump on any show! they mooch about before and after their set hanging out with the crowd and checking out the other bands, there’s no airs and graces and they support everyone playing, creating some raucous noise at the end of every song they hear, egging on the other bands and building the atmosphere… Their frontman Ray, is a proper character and clearly loves what he does, and seems to really get behind the whole scene…

Top band live! but getting decent video footage of them with decent sound is a proper mission… Think of it like trying to film wild animals ripping apart a carcass in a feeding frenzy… if they know you’re filming them its never going to be as brutal as if they didn’t know…

The guys from Fueled Hate not only put on a show and half they also bring others, and the last time they visited they brought The Darkhorse who smashed it… and this gives me more ammo to get people out of their houses to a venue as I can’t find any videos of them on the Youtube! so you’ll have to hunt them out and get to a gig!!

Moving up the country to another cultural centre we come to the Manchester scene, now this is a weird one as I got put in touch with these guys, who didn’t make it to the gig by a band that has never played for me either… but like any double negative they make a positive!

So… I get this message on Facebook from SInead (lead singer from The Courtesans) urging promoters to check out this band Glory for an Idol … I check them out and they’re exactly what I was looking for that week, we eventually sort out a date they can make it down and start plugging the gig, and its easy… everyone who listened was all like “YES, they’re sick!”
The big night comes and about an hour before arrival my phone rings… they’ve got all the way down from Manchester as far as High Wycombe and then catastrophe strikes their car and the exhaust pipe comes off and entangles itself round the axle… They tried blagging the RAC man to tow them to the venue where they would claim the car broke down again to get a tow home after the gig, they tried to find a local garage that was still open to repair it while they played… they tried everything, but to no avail so they had to make “That Call” and pull out from them gig 😦

Jumping across the country to the North East and again the metal shredding is prolific, with a recent visit to the Cave from Stoke on Trent boys As Empires Burn another top act…
They came down to support Confessions of a Traitor (Who you’ll be hearing about in next weeks blog) and local boys Penance and they didn’t disappoint…


There’s loads more as usual… but there isn’t a blog long enough to include them all, you’ll just have to catch them all live when you can!!!


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